Reporting Self-Defense

A common question among Americans is what do they do if they draw their weapons in self-defense situations without any witnesses. News reports show the trials and tribulations of people who have been attacked, only to have the tables turned on them as the aggressive attackers.

The most important way to respond is to immediately call the police. Always treat the situation as though there were witnesses to corroborate stories. In a high-tech day and age, no one knows if cameras filmed conflicts or if satellites captured images. If concealed carry was legal, the permit-holder should have necessary licenses available at all times.

Before ever drawing a weapon, it's important to consider the circumstances. Is imminent death or severe/grave bodily harm inevitable? Is self-defense the only option? If these two questions receive positive, firm answers, then it's important to immediately report the incident to law enforcement. If the incident was entirely self-defense and pulling a weapon was inevitable, it may be the gun owner's responsibility to prove defense was the only and necessary means to resolving the situation.

While some people fear the downside, which can result in possible criminal charges, the alternative is for justice departments to assume guilt once forensics reviews the crime scene. Not reporting a crime is a crime, as simple as that.

Highlighting the inner workings of responding police officers, it's important to keep everything simple. Remember that statements can be used against people in the court of law; reacting emotionally may not be advisable. Criminal justice officials react based on evidence, not personal vendettas, which means statements are taken very seriously and can even be self incriminating. Only answer as much as necessary, politely listen and wait while fate is determined, statements are checked and evidence is gathered.

If the shooter isn't deemed innocent, it's best to consider hiring legal representation. While self-reporting can get people into trouble, it's also illegal to not report crimes to the authorities. While it's a catch-22, it's far better to be the respondent in situations such as these. Additionally, it's best to relieve one's conscious and do the right thing instead of not reporting gun incidents. While people can get by with criminal acts, it's generally not worth rolling the dice.

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*Please note: Jumping Targets is not a legal authority on self-defense laws and the legalities of reporting crimes. They bear no responsibilities or legalities for the information supplied in this article.X

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