Protecting Hunting Rights

With a U.S. Congress and President determined to pass gun legislation, hunters should be aware of the potential impact these restrictions pose to hunting rules and regulations.


More mass shootings are happening on an annual basis. The news media focuses on reporting drama, capitalizing off tragedies. Instead of putting blame on criminals, they allow the focus to become about gun rights and imposing restrictions. With two forces clashing, this issue becomes about weapons instead of focusing on the cause: why did someone feel the need to kill innocent people? After all, guns don't kill people; people kill people.


Hunters should regularly check states' legislatures for proposed gun restrictions, especially hunters that participate in multi-state hunts. This anti-gun legislation directly transfers over to anti-hunting regulations, with minor changes resulting in long-term consequences that truly impact the Second Amendment and Americans' freedoms.


Before going to voting booths or mailing ballots, hunters are urged to check out their local candidates and see what they truly represent. Remember, these people are representing hunting rights. Despite whether they are pro- or anti-hunting regulations, most elected representatives tend to vote along party lines instead of representing their constituents' voices. Instead of simply voting along party lines, hunters should practice due diligence and research officials running for office.


While most citizens feel as though their voices go unheard, it's important to stand up and speak. Writing letters and boycotting companies that feature pro-gun regulation advertisements is a great way to preserve our country's freedoms. If one person stands by, does another person not consider the same path? If 100,000 people speak up, will another 100,000 people rise to the occasion?


Estimates show the U.S. has nearly 80-million law-abiding gun owners, but only 3-million are National Rifle Association members. With the minority speaking up for the majority of Americans to help preserve the constitutional right to bear arms, this disproportionate ratio stands to one day be defeated. 

If potential candidates have every quality someone likes, except they support gun restrictions, contact representatives and voice concern. It's important that people keep their rights in volatile times. History has proven that it's easier to take rights away than it is to earn them back. Our forefathers fought for our freedom and our right to bear arms. As citizens of a great nation, we shouldn't make them roll over in their graves. Remember the fallen soldiers who have given their valiant lives for our country to remain "the home of the free," and the civil trials they endured to make our nation great. 


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