A Game Saver: Savage Model 42 .22/.410

This combination Savage weapon features two barrels that allows a shot charge and bullet, making it the ideal two-in-one weapon.

This old-school concept originated in Europe, allowing hunters to shoot small migratory birds or stags without the added weight of carrying two weapons. Only owned by rich, wealthy estate and landowners, these early gentries were able to hunt their lands without modern-day regulations and restrictions.

This new over/under weapon can be traced to Savage Model 24, which was released in 1950. Gone for some time, Savage decided to reintroduce this weapon in 2012.

With a 20-inch barrel, this weapon features a .22 long rifle (LR) on top of a 3-inch .410 chamber. Weighing a mere 6.1 pounds and 13.5 inches in length, this dual weapon is flawless for hunts or extended backpacking treks.

A perfect fit for rabbit hunting, this weather-resistant gun is excellent for shooting varmint around houses, hunting or simply using it as a combination weapon. With adjustable sights, this break-open weapon is made of matte black synthetic stock material and features a carbon steel barrel. The 22LR and 22WMR are ideal for right-handed shooters. The mechanical sights are accurate at more than 25 yards. The rear site is easy to adjust, making it exceptional for necessary elevation corrections. This shotgun barrel works well with birdshot, buckshot and Winchester PDX1 ammunition. The shotshell will accommodate 2.5- or 3-inch shells.

The .22 LR is outstanding for small game, while the .410 is just right for bird hunting at close ranges. The .410 is also first-rate protection while camping or around the home.

With special nostalgia for kids from the 1950s, many people are reliving their childhoods. A common Christmas and birthday present for young hunters, the original Model 24 was often used for shooting squirrels and rabbits. A favorite among survivalists, shooters, hunters and campers, this varied weapon was discontinued in the 1980s, which makes this special release so significant to past generations.

Jumping Targets offers several targets, which are ideal for this combination weapon. The 3.5- and 4.75-inch AR500 targets are excellent for shooting .22 calibers at distances of 25 or more yards. The 2.5-inch AR500 steel target is ideal for "walking" with a .22. The 36-inch Steel Shooting Gong Stand, AR500 Dueling Tree, AR500 Small SniperBot and IPSC Hostage Silhouette Target are all excellent for practicing with the .22. The Rockin' Gopher and Rockin' Rabbit are specifically designed to give hunters specialized training for shooting small game. With a rocking motion, these challenging targets are designed for beginner, intermediate and advanced shooters. This target also offers five steel target surfaces, making it extremely versatile for a variety of shooting events or friendly competitions.


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