New Handguns for 2014

New Handguns for 2014

The annual SHOT show brought about several new, exciting and innovative handgun releases. Jumping Targets highlights top models for concealed carry and home defense.

·      Remington R51 - Reintroducing a classic design, the R51 hasn't been manufactured for nearly 80 years. With a revamped, easy to conceal style, this pistol features a seven plus one capacity and as an added bonus can handle +P ammunition. Ironically, this sleek design has a futuristic appearance and was originally patented in 1915.

·      Springfield Armory XDS 4.0 - Bigger and bolder, this model features a four-inch barrel. Adding some length to the previous model, this weapon is heavier and longer, making it easier to handle. With less recoil, this weapon has more accurate sights.

·      Glock 42 - This sub-compact weapon features .380 ACP and is excellent for small, petite hands. The magazine holds six plus one and the barrel length is 3.25 inches.

·      Sig Sauer P320 - Striker fired, this handgun is similar to the P250 and is customizable to any size, grip and caliber requirement. This weapon is available in .357 SIG, .40 Smith & Wesson and 9mm. Without the hammer mechanism, the short trigger offers accurate results with a short reset point.

·      Ruger GP100 - Perfect for competitive shooting, this .357 Magnum features outstanding Novak Lo-Mount Carry rear sights and fiber optics in the front. Made of stainless steel, this six capacity design measures 9.5 inches and includes Hogue(R) Stippled Hardwood grips.

·      Smith & Wesson M686 - With a 2.5-inch barrel, this seven-shot .357 Magnum is fully loaded, but acclaimed by shooting enthusiasts. The grip is artwork, made from custom cut wood with easy to use finger grooves.

·      Crimson Trace Laserguard LG-443 - Designed to accommodate the new Glock 42, this is the perfect accessory for compact pistols. The sight is easy to mount, requiring no gunsmithing and can be mounted directly to the trigger guard. The sight is easily adjustable for elevation and climate. This laser contains a 650 nm red diode, a 1/3N battery and retails around $230.

·      Walther PPQ M2 .22LR - Designed for affordable ammunition, this .22 gun comes in both four- and five-inch models. The sight is a 7.2-inch radius and this weapon features a threaded barrel.

·      Taurus View - This unique handgun features a translucent side plate, allowing shooters to see the weapon's mechanics in full action. With a 1.41-inch barrel, this five-round revolver weighs a mere nine ounces. The outer barrel and cylinder are titanium; the frame is made of aluminum and the interior features stainless steel. Super lightweight, this weapon is perfect for concealed carry.

Jumping Targets offers high-powered targets and steel targets, which are ideal for shooting enthusiasts. Allowing gun enthusiasts to try out the latest new handgun releases, these quality targets are made of durable AR500 steel.

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