New Jumping Targets' Products

Jumping Targets offers new, innovative products designed for target practice. Using high-quality steel that specifically addresses the needs of shooters, Jumping Targets uses innovative designs that combine with long-lasting, durable materials.

In addition to their AR500 steel targets, they offer the following products to shooters and gun enthusiasts:

·      Gong Stand - This 36-inch Steel Shooting Gong Stand is light, durable and most importantly, portable. Designed to break into two pieces, this stand easily fits into a truck. The gong stand is excellent for silhouette targets, gongs or targets that attach with chains. The chains are included in this stand, making it a great option for Valentine's Day presents.

·      Dueling Tree - Designed to last, this dueling tree uses innovative deflection shields that stand up to a wide variety of calibers, conveniently flipping over with .22, .9mm .45, .223 and .30-06 calibers. With a swinging paddle design, it can mount to 2.5-inch, 3.5-inch or 4.75-inch paddles. This product is great for shooting distances of 25 to 50 yards and easily collapses to fit into a car.

·      Small SniperBot - Using Torsion Glide Technology, this mechanically powered silhouette self-resets, making it a must for law enforcement and personal protection. With industrial strength springs and hinges, this product is designed to last through the years. Rotating 90 degrees to reveal new targets, this product is also superb for competition practice.

·      IPSC Hostage Silhouette Target - Meeting the design for International Practical Shooting Confederation, this 3/8-inch AR500 steel target can be interchangeably used with 2.5-inch, 3.5-inch and 4.75-inch paddles. The deflector shield helps ensure that stand doesn't become damaged. This target is fully collapsible and is ideal for no shoot scenarios and practice.

·      Tree Hugger - Attaching to a post or tree, this target hangs from chains. Zip ties or ratchet straps are required to attach the hugger to the tree. The stand is made of high-quality AR500 steel.

·      Gopher and Rabbit - Perfect for shooting and hunting enthusiasts, this rocking target offers a unique experience for shooters. With movement reaction, this target is ideal for .22, .9mm, .45, .223 and .30-06 calibers from 25 to 50 yards. This target is great for plinking and fun outdoor shooting activities!

·      Warship Game - This paper target brings war battles to a new level. This game allows for two-person play, and the first person to shoot the enemy wins. These targets are great for friendly competitions.

Jumping Targets offers a wide array of targets, which are ideal for preparing for competitions. Their catalog includes a variety of gongs, ground targets, paper targets and standing steel shooting targets.

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