Jumping Targets Supports Senators Efforts to Ease Gun Restrictions for Military Spouses

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Currently, military spouses are restricted to purchasing a gun in the state that is their permanent residence. Several senators have introduced new legislation that would permit the husband or wife of a military service member to purchase a gun in the state where their spouse is stationed. This legislation would further extend to purchasing guns in neighboring states if service members must cross state borders to enter their stationed bases.

South Dakota Republican Senator Mike Rounds cited reasons for increasing gun ownership in light of the recent increasing of shootings on military bases. His statement supporting gun ownership included the following: “At a time of increased threats on military bases and to members of our Armed Forces, it is as important as ever to give military families the opportunity to protect themselves and their loved ones.”

The Senators that support this bill believe that Congress must “make life safer and easier for these military families who sacrifice a great deal for America.”

Jumping Targets supports America’s military families and believes that safety is a number one priority.

Most importantly, owning a gun requires gun safety. Military families can check with local gun chapters and gun clubs for gun safety classes. Additionally, Jumping Targets offers a wide variety of superb gun targets, made from the highest quality AR500 steel. Steel with ratings under 400 should be avoided, as they are extremely dangerous. These sub-standard steel targets are subject to developing deformations, including pits and craters.

Jumping Targets focuses on developing AR500 steel targets that feature the highest degree of safety, including 90-degree angles and ricochet angles of 20 degrees. These quality steel targets are meant to last and are excellent for target practice.

These advanced targets offer caliber ratings for a variety of ammunition including: .22 rimfire; .38, .40, .45, 9mm and .357 handgun; and .223, 7.x62.39, .308, 7.62x54, .306 and .338 high power.

Their website features metal rifle targets including steel shooting gong stands, dueling tree gun targets, hostage silhouette targets and their popular AR500 steel gun jumping targets. The website also includes a detailed video, which provides a visual aid showing how the targets work.

Whether military personnel or spouses are looking for rifles or pistols, Jumping Targets offers targets for both types of weapons, helping ensure that America’s military personnel are protected and armed. 






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Jumping Targets: A Brief Run Down on Presidential Hopefuls’ Stands on Gun Control Part 2 of 2

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There are many hot button topics this political season, but none are more important to gun owners than gun control. This two-part article highlights the candidates’ stances on gun reform.

Retired Neurosurgeon Ben Carson (R)

Carson believes that semi-automatic weapon ownership should depend on where people live. He was quoted as saying, “I think if you live in the midst of a lot people, and I’m afraid that the semi-automatic weapon is going to fall into the hands of a crazy person, I would rather you not have it.”

Former U.S. Senator Rick Santorum (R-Pennsylvania)

Santorum is a supporter of the Second Amendment. In 2013, he opposed the Senate’s background-check legislation, urging people to focus on mental health.

Former Texas Governor Rick Perry (R)

Perry helped to expand gun rights while he was governor of Texas. He signed legislation that allowed people to bring guns in their cars to work and even attempted to lure big gun manufacturers to Texas. However, he expressed hesitation about open-carry laws.

Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee (R)

Huckabee received an A+ rating with the NRA and wrote, “Clearly, city slickers who are more afraid of guns than the criminals who might use them have a serious mental condition rendering them incapable of critical thinking.”

Former Hewlett-Packard CEO Carly Fiorina (R)

She is a supporter of the Second Amendment and has criticized Obama of “pushing a political agenda,” especially in the wake of the Charleston shooting.

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker (R)

Receiving an A+ rating from the NRA, Walker signed a law into a bill that gave people more rights to shoot and kill intruders, including supporting a concealed carry law.

Former New York Governor George Pataki (R)

Pataki supports stricter gun control and while governor signed a law that was among the strictest gun-control legislation in the country.

Donald Trump

A self described supporter of the Second Amendment, he claims to support a ban on assault weapons and promotes longer waiting periods on gun purchases. 

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie (R)

With a mere C rating from the NRA, Christie vetoed a bill that banned ammunition magazines that held more than 10 rounds. However, he not invited to speak at the NRA convention.


Jumping Targets is a staunch supporter of the Second Amendment. This article is purely for informational purposes. Jumping Targets sells a variety of metal shooting targets, pistol targets and steel rifle targets



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Jumping Targets: A Brief Run Down on Presidential Hopefuls’ Stands on Gun Control Part 1 of 2

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There are many hot button topics this political season, but none are more important to gun owners than gun control. This two-part article highlights the candidates’ stances on gun reform.

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton (D)

Clinton believes in “common sense” gun reforms and backs bipartisan legislation that will require universal background checks on all gun purchases. However, her liberal past has a quote that will haunt her: “We’ve got to rein in what has become almost an article of faith that anybody can have a gun anywhere at anytime ... We really have got to get our arms around it because at the rate we are going, we are going to have so many people with guns everywhere fully licensed, fully validated ... it would be a bad idea to let people go to bars with guns, let them to go to school with guns, let them go to church with guns.” Dig deeper and Hillary’s true socialist agenda about guns comes out.

Former Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley (D)

O’Malley is calling for a ban on assault weapons, finger printing requirements, stricter background checks and wants to prevent “straw” purchases of guns.

U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders (I-Vermont), Democratic Presidential Candidate

Moderate when speaking about gun control, he voted against the Brady Bill, voted for a ban on assault weapons, voted for universal background checks and voted to allow firearms on Amtrak trains.

Former Florida Government Jeb Bush (R)

Given an A+ rating from the National Rifle Association, he has consistently opposed stricter gun laws.

U.S. Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas)

Cruz also has an A+ rating from the NRA and he has strongly voiced his support for the Second Amendment.

U.S. Senator Rand Paul (R-Kentucky)

Paul has been given an “A” rating by the NRA and is a very strong supporter of the Second Amendment. After the tragic Charleston shooting, Paul said that the government cannot “fix” a “sickness in our country.”

U.S. Senator Marco Rubio (R-Florida)

Rubio has an “A” rating with the NRA. He also introduced a “Second Amendment Rights in the District of Columbia” Act that would essentially amend D.C. gun laws, which would make it easier for individuals to obtain firearms.

Jumping Targets believes that their customers should make informed political decisions based on gun rights. Jumping Targets offers a variety of shooting targets, jumping targets and steel rifle targets.



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Jumping Targets: The Pros of Gun Ownership

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Gun ownership and the Second Amendment is a hot topic right now. I cannot turn on the news without hearing about another gun shooting tragedy and I find that more of my social outings involve friends and acquaintances entering into disagreements about how gun ownership causes criminal behavior. If you find yourself in a friendly debate, it is important to know the facts about gun ownership and the necessity behind keeping the Second Amendment intact.

Here are some key points to memorize.

  • Even though I own a fire extinguisher, if my house is on fire, I would call 911. So, if an intruder were in my house and with seconds counting, I would have a gun to save my family.
  • Shooting is considered a legitimate Olympic Sport and the U.S holds more gold medals than any other nation.
  • More than 50-percent of Americans own firearms.
  • I respect the U.S. Constitution and I believe in preserving the integrity of what our forefathers’ gave us, including freedom of speech and the right to bear arms. Once you remove one amendment, it is a slippery slope.
  • More people are likely to die by falling than by being shot. In 2007 alone, only ½ of 1% of all fatal accidents were gunshot related. That means you have a better chance of dying by falling, driving, drowning or even poisoning. The media just relies on scare tactics and stories that sell.
  • The CDC estimates that Americans have successfully used guns 498,000 to stop burglaries in their homes. That means that lives have been saved by gun ownership.
  • When Washington D.C. banned handguns in 1984, murders increased 73%, while throughout the U.S. they decreased 11%.
  • The New York Times conducted a thorough study and discovered that 90% of the 1,662 murders within the city were related to people that were killers or had criminal records.
  • Gun rights groups have donated more than $22 million in political campaigns, while gun control groups have only given $1.8 million.
  • Nearly five in 100,000 Americans will be murdered this year. This number can decrease with more household gun ownership.
  • Switzerland has the world’s highest gun ownership rate and coincidently also has the lowest homicide rate. The countries that prohibit gun ownership – South Africa, Columbia, Mexico, Brazil, Taiwan and the Philippines – have 20 murders per 100,000 people.
  • The U.S. National Academy of Sciences has failed to identify one gun control measure that reduces suicide, violent crime or gun accidents. The same is true for the Center of Disease Control.


Jumping Targets promotes safe gun ownership and specializes in offering steel shooting targets. These targets are made of AR500 steel and feature metal spinning targets designs.



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Jumping Targets: Armed Citizens Stand Guard

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The tragedy that struck Hiram, Georgia, on July 17, 2015, will remain in the hearts of Americans for an eternity. An armed man that is suspected to have ties to militant anti-American groups entered military recruiting centers, going on a shooting spree, killing armed forces recruiters.

According to U.S. military laws, recruiting centers do not allow men and women to carry guns for self-defense. In this shocking slaying, the soldiers that put their lives on the line to defend America were ultimately helpless victims, unable to defend themselves.

After the shooting, approximately 30 armed citizens showed up, working in shifts, to protect the recruiting offices. Valuing life and disagreeing that American soldiers cannot defend their own freedoms, they have agreed to make sure that the recruitments centers are covered every single hour of each business day.

But yet anti-gun advocates are still lining up in droves insisting that if guns were banned this incidence would never occurred. Do these non-gun owning liberals not see that criminals will always be able to get their hands on guns and commit crimes? In this case, Mohammod Abdulazeez simply went after victims that he knew were not armed. Could this tragedy have been prevented if the recruiters were able to be armed on the job? This is an answer we will never know.

Abdulazeez’s parents have been quick to blame his downward spiral of abusing opioids, sleeping pills, marijuana, painkillers and alcohol. This has indeed become an epidemic in our country, but not every addict commits these heinous crimes. His parents admitted that he took a seven-month trip to Jordan and visited Yemen and he was deeply impressionable. The bottom line is that our society can try to make up excuses for why this young man killed and stole the lives of American soldiers, but there is nothing that will bring back these soldiers’ vibrancy and youth that they valiantly for our nation. The bottom line is that Abdulazzez chose to slaughter these soldiers in cold blood.

More importantly, gun owners need to take a stand. Incidents like these should not give liberals the chance to try to take away more of our Second Amendment rights. Instead, gun owners need to speak up for more rights. If more people conceal carry, there is less chance that people like Abdulazzez will be walk the streets of our country and murdering in cold blood. Perhaps criminals will think twice before pulling out a gun because they will live in fear of who is carrying a concealed weapon. Instead, these criminals feel as though they rule our streets, being able to rule our lives and bully us into leaving our guns at home or chiding us into hiding behind cars while crimes are committed.

The true American heroes are the ones that stand up and guard recruiting offices, taking the stand that the American government will not.

Jumping Target is a staunch supporter of the Second Amendment. They believe in helping citizens improve their shooting abilities and sell a wide variety of shooting targets, including high-end AR500 steel targets and pistol targets 



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Jumping Targets: August 1-9 Gun Shows

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Jumping Targets highlights upcoming August 2015 gun shows.

August 1 and 2

  • AL Mobile, Greater Gulf State Fairgrounds, 1035 Cody Rd., 334-322-8818
  • AK Anchorage Lumen Christi High School, 8110 Jewel Lake Rd., 907-441-4770
  • AZ Payson Tonto-Apache Gymnasium, #30 Tonto Apache Reservation, 801-544-9125
  • FL Deland, Volusia County Fairgrounds State Rd, 321-777-7455
  • New Port Richey, All Sports Arena, 7716 Rutillo Court, 865-453-0074
  • Ocala, Ocala National Guard Armory, 900 SW 20th Street, 352-359-0134
  • GA Cartersville, Clarence Braown Conference Center, Exit 290, 563-927-8176
  • GA Columbus, Columbus Iron Works, 801 Front Street, 229-423-4867
  • IN Boonville IN Warrick County 4H Center Inc, 133 E Degonia Road,
  • LA Gonzales, LA (Baton Rouge area), Lamar Dixon Expo Hall, 9039 St. Landry Rd., 985.624.8577,
  • MN Hastings, Armory, 3050 HWY 316, Hastings, MN, 55033
  • NC, Raleigh Jim Graham building at the NC State Fairgrounds, (919) 781-1287
  • Pendleton, Pendleton Convention Center, 800-659-3440
  • NV Henderson, Henderson Civic Center, 200 S. Water Street, 702-985-1948 or 222-1948
  • NY, Old Forge, NY Hiltebrant Recreation Center, North Street,
  • Oklahoma City, Fairgrounds, Modern Living Building,  RK Shows 563-927-8176
  • PA Erie, PA, Erie Bayfront Convention Center, 1 Sassafras Pier, 724.701.0104
  • SC Columbia, Jamil Temple I-26 at St. Andrews Rd, 803-463-9377
  • Carthage, Civic Center 1702 South Adams, 918-659-2201
  • TX Granbury, Granbury Resort Convention Center, 621 E Pearl Street,, 817-296-7844,
  • TX McKinney, Landing at Meyers Park, 7117 Country Road 166, 713-724-8881
  • TX Mesquite, Big Town Event Center, 2323 Big Town Blvd 700,, 817-732-1194
  • TX Midland, TX Horseshoe Pavilion 2514 Arena Trail,
  • TX San Antonio, 8111 Meadow Leaf Located at: Loop 410 & Marbach Rd, 361-289-2256
  • WA State Fair Events Center, Puyallup WA,, or call ‪‪(425) 255-8410.

August 7, 8 and 9

  • Black River Falls, Comfort Inn & Suites (608)548-4867
  • MO St Charles, Maca Gunshow at Heart of St. Charles Banquet Center
  • TX Gainesville, TX, Gainesville Civic Center 311 S. Weaver, 918-658-4500.
  • WA Vancouver, Clark County Square Dance Center, NE 117th Ave, 360-263-7511
  • AR Batesville, Independence County Fairgrounds 44 White Drive, 918-659-2201
  • CA, Clovis, Clovis Veterans Memorial District, Liberty Ballroom, 808 4th Street, 559-994-0926,
  • CA San Francisco, The Cow Palace Crossroads of the West 801-544-9125
  • CO Colorado Springs, Colorado Springs Event Center at Rustic Hills, 3960 Palmer Park Blvd, 719-630-3976
  • CO Leadville, Sixth Street Gym, 124 East 6th Street, ‪‪719-641-6735
  • CO Loveland Outlets at Loveland PE Shows 970-779-0360
  • FL Brookside, Hernando County Fairgrounds, 6436 Broad St, 352-799-3605
  • FL Panama City Bay County Fairgrounds
  • FL Tampa Florida State Fairgrounds, Concealed Weapons Class 330-963-6964
  • FL West Palm Beach, South Florida Fairgrounds Southern Blvd, 321-777-7455
  • GA Savannah, Civic Center, 301 W. Orlethorpe Ave, 229-423-4867
  • LA Lafayette, LA Lafayette Event Center. 4607 Johnston St, 985.624.8577
  • MN Anoka Ice Arena, 4111 – 7th Ave, Anoka, MN, 55303
  • NC Greenville, Greenville Convention Center, S&D Gun Shows (252)745-5647

  • NC Winston-Salem LJVM Coliseum Complex, 2825 University Parkway, C&E Gun Shows Inc, 540-953-0016
  • NM Albuquerque, NM Expo NM Fair Grounds, Lujan Bldg 300 San Pedro Dr NE, Albuquerque, NM, 505-232-8302, NMGCA.NET
  • OK OKC, OK, Claude Hall's Original Gun Show, OK ST Fairgrounds, 3001 General Pershing. Sat 9-5 & Sun 9-4.500 plus 8ft.Tables Available $40 each. ‪‪800-333-GUNS (4867).
  • PA Philadelphia (Center Oaks) Greater Philadelphia Expo Center, 422 Business Center, Oaks, PA. 610-393-3047
  • SC Greenville, TD Convention Center, 1 Exposition Drive, 803-463-9377
  • TN Kingsport, Convention Center, 1901 Meadowview Parkway RK Shows 563-927-8176
  • TX Corpus Christi, Richard M, Borchard Regional Fairgrounds, 1213 Terry Shamsie, Robstown, TX, 361-289-2256
  • TX Tyler, Harvey Hall Convention Center, 214-635-2009
  • VA Fredericksburg, Expo and Convention Center, Commonwealth 757-483-5385
  • NY Unadilla, Ron & Gun Club, Butternut Rd, Aug 14-15 WY Cheyenne, Laramie County Fairgrounds I-80 Archer Exit #370 Sportsman's Gun Shows 307-760-1841/307-760-1180


For information, please visit


Jumping Targets proudly supports gun shows. Gun shows are excellent for gun targets, especially allowing interested parties to try out guns using moving targets and well built AR500 steel targets.

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Protect Hearing: Exposure to Gun Targets

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Protecting hearing is a vital safety step when practicing with gun targets. Firearms are extremely loud and any noise exposure that exceeds 140 dB (decibels) can lead to permanent hearing loss. Most firearms generate noise that is greater than 140db. For example, a small .22-caliber rifle produces noise that is approximately 140db. However, rifles and pistols can produce noise that exceeds 175db.

Firing guns in areas where sounds bounce off walls, structures or reverberate increases noise frequency and leads to an increase in hearing loss. Adding any modifications or muzzle breaks can contribute to making firearms louder.

Shooters that do not wear any hearing protection can ultimately suffer from severe hearing loss in as few as a couple shots. Audiologists report this is a common problem when hunters are exposed to pistols, shotguns or big-bore rifles.

People who frequently shoot firearms without ear safety are likely to develop hearing loss, which includes demonstrating problems with speech sounds, such as “th,” “v,” “s” or other high-pitched sounds. Since most shooters are right-handed, the left ear suffers more damage, with the right ear bearing partial protection. Some people that experience high-frequency hearing loss may not hear clearly or think other people are mumbling. They may also resist getting hearing tests or experiencing constant ringing in their ears, which is known as tinnitus.

To help protect shooters from permanent hearing loss, shooters need to use earmuffs or earplugs when shooting steel shooting targets. Currently, only half of shooters wear any form of hearing protection. Hunters are less likely to wear hearing protection for fear they will not be able to hear approaching noises or game. Some hearing protection simply limits hearing, allowing shooters to hear softer noises, such as game, but protects their ears from high frequency decibels.

There are two types of hearing protective devices (HPDs):

  1. Electronic – Electronic HPDs make soft sounds louder, but automatically shut of when there is a loud noise, such as gunfire. This includes several different styles, such as earmuffs, earplugs and behind the ear devices custom-made ear devices.
  2. Nonlinear – These allow soft to moderate sounds to pass through the hearing device, but may not close enough to protect ears from loud noises.


Audiologists recommend that shooters always use hearing protection when firing guns, using some type of HPD. Avoid shooting in large groups or in environments that promote reverberating noises. For maximum results, visit Jumping Targets for shooting targets that are made of high quality metal steel and are ideal for shooting long distances.




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The Appeal of AR500 Steel Targets

Posted by Eric Morgan on July 11, 2015 0 Comments

Steel targets are a necessary part of any shooters’ gear. Steel shooting targets provide instant feedback, allowing shooters to adjust their effectiveness when hitting targets.

Experts recommend using AR500 steel targets, which immediately allow shooters to identify and correct poor shooting habits. Steel targets provide immediate reactions, which is like having a personal coach on the shooting range. In fact, shooters waste less time retrieving paper targets and trying to determine their mistakes, when steel targets provide real-life accuracy.

Steel targets not only offer feedback, but they also show where the bullet hits the target. Once a target is beyond a couple hundred yards, it is very difficult to use paper targets. In fact, steel targets allow shooters to accurately see long-range impacts for many reasons:

  • A bullet’s impact on a steel target is significantly larger than the hole it would produce on paper. A bullet splashes against the superheated metal of a steel target, allowing the impact mark to be seen from greater distances. A hanging gong or steel target also highlights the bullet’s hit by the way it moves and sways. If the left side of the target is hit, it will sway more dramatically. The effect of hitting a steel target is visible to more than 1,000 yards with 12x magnification.
  • The noises that a bullet makes when hitting a steel target allows shooters to instantly know they have hit their mark. This allows shooters to immediately know if they hit the target when shooting.
  • AR500 steel is a long-term investment, but when comparing the cost of cheaper models or paper targets over time, it is a better investment. Steel targets are designed to withstand thousands of rounds of ammunition and are designed to take a beating. They are extremely durable and built to withstand a wide variety of calibers. Subpar, lower grade steel deforms and allows dangerous bullet fragments to ricochet back towards the shooter. AR500 steel is several times harder than average construction steel, which allows it to resist deformation under a variety of rifle-caliber impacts.
  • Jumping Targets offers a wide variety of target types, sizes and explains the details and advantages of purchasing AR500 steel over sub grade models. Featuring a selection of jumping targets, gongs and silhouettes, shooters will have no shortage of high-grade steel models to choose from in their online catalog.
  • Safety should be exercised when using steel targets. Jumping Targets sets specific manufacturer guidelines, such as safe firing distances, including bullet and caliber restrictions. Steel targets feature safe 20-degree ricochet angles for maximum protection and the gongs offer chains, which help dissipate energy. Steel targets are a long-term investment and offer significantly different shooting experiences over standard paper shooting targets.

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Top Tips for Shooting Pistol Targets

Posted by Eric Morgan on July 01, 2015 0 Comments

The top 20 pistol targets sharpshooters join forces to share their helpful pistol shooting tips. These tips are ideal for shooters that are practicing with metal shooting targets, want to practice their steel targets shooting techniques to improve accuracy or simply want to learn home safety.


“When you try to fire the dummy round [thinking it’s a live round], you’ll see the muzzle dip slightly [or more]. That’s the flinch, or anticipate if you prefer.” – Tom Gresham


“At 4 yards, the shooter doesn’t kid himself about whether or not human error was involved.” – Massad Ayoob


“The secret is accepting that movement I see in the sights, holding them as close as I can to my aiming mark and being smooth on the trigger like I am dragging my finger through thick peanut butter.” – Julie Golob


“Being fast in getting the gun out of the holster and making hit is important. Why? For competition every tenth of a second counts.” – Bryce M. Townsley


“After you’ve got your sights alighted, slowly squeeze the trigger. If your squeeze is slow and smooth then the coin will stay on.” – Chris Cheng


“Each trigger being different requires the shooter to really pay attention to how he [or she] is controlling it.” – Pete Burlingam


“The overall drill enforces the concept of fire control. As a shooting drill it makes me more controlled and [an] effective shooter.” – Lieutenant Raymond E. Foster


“Timing and precision are critical skills and the Rangemaster Bullseye course was designed to help achieve them.” – Tom Givens


“I turn my target around and shoot at a blank face. This helps to take away the distraction of the ... center and just shoot my hold and trigger control.” – Brian Zins


“The hardest part of shooting is controlling your subconscious mind to pick the right speed/accuracy for the distance and level of complexity of the shot.” – John McPhee


“By offsetting the timing of the shot-to-shot process, this drill allows you to focus on follow-through, reset, and shot-to-shot recovery.” – Michael Janich


“The shot process is very complex and there’s not really a simple answer to this due to the several stages of the process.” – Ian Morris


“When you focus on the sound of your voice, you’re not focused – or you’re less focused – on the anticipation of the recoil.” – Teresa Ovalle


“You draw the pistol. Build your grip up. And then fire at a reasonable pace at tight targets. I also like the goal of never missing a dot across multiple strings.” – Ben Stoeger


“The fundamentals of marksmanship are best learned shooting groups from a bench rest, at a distance of 25 to 50 yards.” – Brian Enos


“The target size is reduced as the shooter learns to control the movement of the gun and when to break the shot during that movement.” – Grand Cunningham


“My advice on improving shooting and accuracy are dry fire exercises.” – Helmut Brokamp


“The learning comes, not when the gun goes ‘bang,’ but when it goes ‘click.’ When the gun goes ‘click,’ the barrel shot not move.” – Les Hall


“Accuracy is knowing your trigger, where the break is, where the reset is, all while managing recoil.” – Monte A. Jessee


“Your job is to activate the trigger without disturbing the sights off the particular target you wish to engage.” – Max Michael, Jr.




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Jumping Targets Explains the Advantages to Avoiding Lead Ammunition Exposure Risks

Posted by Eric Morgan on June 22, 2015 0 Comments

Long ago, the only types of ammunition were lead. With many government websites expressing concern about unnecessary lead exposure, Jumping Targets offers helpful tips for shooters to avoid lead contamination.

Shooters can switch to environmentally friendly, lead-free ammunition alternatives, such as copper-covered rounds that feature metal-free primers.

Additionally, cleaning firearms offers additional lead exposure. Jumping Targets highlights several tips for cleaning guns, helping to reduce lead exposure.

  • Shooters should wear nitrile gloves, which are latex gloves that will dissolve with solvents. These should be disposed after cleaning every gun.
  • Always wear eye protection when cleaning guns. This includes protection that covers the eyes, nose and mouth areas.
  • Use non-porous cleaning surfaces that are easy to be cleaned, or consider surfaces that are easy to throw away.
  • Place all disposable gloves, swabs, patches and cleaning materials in sealed trash bags and immediately dispose of these items.
  • Avoid any pressurized air, such as fans, which can blow surfaces and cause excess oil or solvent to disperse contaminants.
  • Thoroughly wash face, arms and hands after cleaning guns.
  • Use only cold water, soap and a skin cleaner for removing metal, while using cold water.
  • Always change into new clothing immediately after going to the gun range, cleaning guns or shooting.
  • Never drink, eat or smoke when handling ammunition, reloading a gun or cleaning a gun. This allows for easy cross-contamination.

Other options to consider include:

  • Shooting outdoors and avoiding any poorly ventilated areas to help reduce lead exposure.
  • If shooters frequently shoot using lead ammunition, it may be advisable to have regular lead exposure tests.
  • Minimize time at commercial gun shooting ranges to limit exposure to second-hand lead poisoning.

Jumping Targets offers a wide variety of AR500 steel targets that are ideal for private shooting areas. These help decrease the risk of lead exposure in public gun ranges. These highly advanced, technologically engineered metal shooting targets are portable and provide instant feedback and results. Moving targets help beginning and advanced shooters hone their shooting skills, whether it is for self-defense or hunting.




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